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4 Surprising Ways to Combat Neuropathic Pain


Neuropathy is a health condition that affects millions of people in the United States and around the world. The symptoms of this can manifest in many ways depending on the person. 

However, usually, neuropathy presents itself as a weakness or numbing, sometimes painful, feeling in the extremities. Whether neuropathy is affecting your hands or feet, we’ve got a few methods for you to try in order to help combat the feelings the health ailment brings on. Find what you need to know down below. 

Understanding Neuropathy 

Before diving into treatment methods for neuropathy, it’s first important to understand what the health ailment is. Neuropathy is something that can develop as a result of diagnosis like diabetes or from toxins and other external sources. While neuropathy is not a curable condition, the pain can usually be managed to help alleviate symptoms. Understand the causes and symptoms of neuropathy here

1. Topical Treatments

While this article will discuss a few overall health options for addressing neuropathy, targeted care can provide an effective solution. This may look different for everyone, depending on their particular circumstances. 

Some options, like compression or proper footwear, can help to relieve symptoms in some areas of the body. You may also find that tools like compression or topical creams can help to minimize the feelings you suffer with. 

Take some time to work with your health care professional on what is needed to make you feel more comfortable and bring those sensations to a manageable level. 

2. Exercise 

Despite how it can seem counter-productive when you’re working through pain, exercise can help with neuropathy. How? 

Well, exercise moves your body, and that movement helps to encourage blood flow throughout the body. Being as neuropathic pains typically target your hands and feet, areas that commonly struggle with proper blood flow, this makes exercise especially crucial. 

Luckily, you don’t need to do anything, particularly taxing in order to reap those movement benefits. Simple changes like adding stretching or frequent walks to your routine can help you to up blood flow and help your body. 

If you’re struggling to partake due to discomfort, begin small and progressively add on until you’re at a comfortable level that meets general requirements for movement. 

3. Alt Medicine

There are plenty of alternative medicines available to treat a wide variety of health problems. One that many people suffering from neuropathy turn to is capsaicin cream. The capsaicin cream helps to mitigate the feeling of burning that can accompany neuropathy. 

As the name suggests, the cream is made from peppers and thus has a numbing effect on the area. By numbing the localized area, you’ll be less able to feel the pain that usually comes from the health ailment. 

Another option for alternative medicine, or rather a natural approach, is cannabis. Cannabis is a natural supplement known to help relieve pain in those with health issues. 

Prescribed for things like cancer and medical disorders alike, cannabis can be key to helping mitigate neuropathy pain. Just don’t forget to check which strain, indica vs sativa is better for your situation. 

4. Go Easy On Yourself

If your body is in pain or you’re struggling to keep up the way you used to, don’t force yourself to do so. 

If you feel like resting more and taking it easy, allow your body to do that. Whether it’s a temporary side effect or long-term health ailment you’ll need to learn to live with it, don’t fight against your body. 

Be sure you’re resting adequately, particularly that you’re meeting the minimum amount of sleep every night as recommended for your age

The body uses that crucial rest time to rehabilitate the body and focus on things it can’t while you’re awake. Don’t worsen health problems by neglecting them further. Have grace for yourself and your body. 


If you’re struggling with neuropathy pains, you do not need to learn to live with the pain. There are plenty of options out there that can help you to relieve the associated pain, especially with holistic methods. 

Whether it be trying a new medicinal approach or taking better care of your overall health, there are ways to help relieve some of the pain. Always remember to consult with a medical professional to ensure any new methods are safe for you to use. 


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