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2023 Nissan Z: Review Pricing and Specs

It’s not taken time for one of the most recent and best sports automobiles to be sunk. The brand-new twenty-2023 Nissan Z has crashed in Puerto Rico, and yes there’s a video showing the incident. The coupe, which was painted in the sweet Rosewood Metallic was reportedly involved in an altercation with the Ram 2500. The video that was posted over this weekend shows the car in pathetic state , and with at minimum one airbag in place.

A person who is familiar with the incident informs me that it happened at a dealer located in the northern region of island. The employee was reported to be taking the vehicle to the new owner when the car was driven with too much throttle, and you can witness the outcome below. The rainy conditions may have also played a role.(2023 Nissan Z)

The left-hand side of the vehicle from the headlights up to the taillights is damaged. The driver’s front and rear side suspensions will need to be replaced too. The car appears to be an upper-mid-range Performance trim that means it will cost at the very least $51,015. Totaled? Most likely.(2023 Nissan Z)

This is this is the only model of the new Z that’s been involved in an accident that’s serious. We’ve seen a previous development automobile that seemed slightly worse than wear however, nothing like this. It’s not known what type of the particular transmission was equipped with in the video however If it’s an automatic, it’s sad. It’s at least clear that it’s not one of the restricted-production Proto Spec vehicles, of which only 240 are being shipped to the United States. With dealers offering the highest trim Z with massive markups and a crashing Proto Spec would be a totally different story.

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