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 11 Recipe Ideas with Rapini


Rapini is made up of elongated, uniform stalks that are adorned with large leaves, as well as a few clusters of buds that have not opened. The average length of the vegetable is 15 to 25 centimeters length, and is typically harvested when it is young. Rapini doesn’t form huge heads like broccoli but instead, it has small clusters of buds with an incredibly tender, crisp consistency. It is dependent on the time of year it is harvested, some buds might contain a few blooms of tiny yellow edible flowers. The tall and pale green stems are slender and have a hard crisp, dense and slightly fibrous appearance. Dark green leaves are connected to the stems and are chewy with a the appearance of a veined, crinkled surface with jagged, frilled edges. Rapini is edible in all its parts and includes the leaves, buds and stems. It is a savoury plant with an intense, bitter and earthy odor. The younger greens are more mild in flavor and, when cooked, Rapini is a mildly almond-like, nutty flavor that has sharp, spicy undertones.


Rapini is available all year round but the peak season is from late fall to the early spring.

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Rapini is botanically known as Brassica rapa Var. Ruvo is a cool-season, bitter-tasting, sour-tasting vegetable that belongs to Brassicaceae (also known as mustard) family. It is a variety that produces tall stalks, large leaves and small growing green buds that cluster, making people mistakenly associate it with broccoli. Although Rapini and broccoli are part of the same family of cruciferous but they’re distinct species. Rapini shares a lot of similarities with turnips, and is also known under a variety of different names, such as Broccoli Rabe also known as Raab, Broccoletti, Cime di Rapa, Friarielli, Rappi as well as Ruvo Kale. The entire plant can be eaten which includes the stem, leaves, and the unopened flower buds. Rapini is widely used for Italian, Portuguese, and Chinese cuisines and is highly regarded by chefs due to its sharp, vegetal and bitter taste.

Nutritional Value

Rapini is a great supply of Vitamin K that aids in the speedy healing of wounds and vitamin C and A to boost immunity, improve collagen production and decrease inflammation. The sour-tasting vegetable is an excellent source of fiber that stimulates your digestive system, and potassium to regulate the levels of fluids in your body, and also provides other minerals, such as calcium, iron, as well as folate.


Rapini is a bitter, sharp and nutty flavour that is well used in cooking applications such as roasting, steaming sauteing, boiling and braising. The leaves, stems, as well as clustering buds, are edible. It is suggested to cut the stems in order to eliminate the fibrous parts. It is crucial to remember that younger greens possess a milder taste However, the bitterness of mature greens may be reduced by blanching them under salted waters. After blanching, Rapini can be prepared like turnip and turnip leaves. Rapini is a popular choice to steam and mixed with pasta. It is served as a topping for pizza, or stuffed into calzonesor to fill lasagna. The cooked greens can be mixed into pureed legumes or polenta. They can be simmered in soups, incorporated into stir-fries, cooked using eggs, or served with sweeter greens for fresh and tasty side dishes. It is a popular dish in Italy, Rapini is frequently mixed with sausage and peppers to make a lively sandwich. It can also be mixed into a variety of pesto that is then can be used as a spread sauce, or dip. The bitter taste of Rapini can be paired with sweet, acidic salty, fatty food items. It is a great choice to pair with hard cheeses, such as pecorino, parmesan and grana Padano, meats like fish, pork and veal, as well as cherries, potatoes, raisins, peppers, olives and garlic. Raw, washed Rapini can be kept for 5 to 7 days if covered in plastic, and placed in the crisper drawer of your refrigerator. It can also be blanched and then frozen in an airtight container for up to six months.

Information on ethnic/cultural diversity

It is located in As Pontes, a small town located in the autonomy community known as Galicia located in northwestern Spain There is an annual Rapini Festival, or Feira do Grelo is held to honor the most popular regional crop. The festival began in 1981, and it takes place in February, during the peak Rapi season. Rapini is considered to be one of the city’s most well-known ingredients for cooking The festival celebrates the vegetable by providing live entertainment and competitions to select the most locally grown Rapini. Festival attendees can also try the traditional cuisine of the region that make use of Rapini. Caldo gallego, also known as Galician soup is an incredibly warm soup that is made up of potatoes beans and Rapini simmered in a rich base that is made of cooking ham and bones from veal. Caldo gallego is a staple dish all year round throughout Galicia and is a common affordable, filling, and delicious food item. Rapini can also be served in lacon con grlos or pork shoulder along with Rapini. Lacon con grelos is a classic meal that is served during family gatherings on Sundays in those winter days. It’s also a typical food served at festivals with sausages and potatoes.


Rapini is the descendant of wild mustard plants that was selectively crossed from early times to enhance taste and texture. The roots of Rapini are a subject of debate according to some experts, who trace it back to its roots in the Mediterranean region, particularly Southern Italy, while other experts believe it is related to China. Both regions have utilized the bitter vegetable for culinary purposes for centuries, and both consider Rapini as being deeply ingrained in their cultures. Rapini was also introduced from Italy to Spain as well. Portugal was was introduced into the United States in the late 1920s. D’Arrigo Brothers, Italian immigrants and businessmen who first introduce broccoli in America United States, began growing the bitter vegetable in California hoping to bring another popular Italian food to American households. When it first came into American market, Rapini was slow to become popular and did not have commercial popularity up until 1960’s. Rapini was also legally registered with the name Broccoli Rabe under the D’Arrigo Brothers in 1964. In the present, Rapini is still extensively grown throughout Southern Italy, China, and Hong Kong. The sour-tasting variety is produced throughout Spain, Portugal, Canada and the United States, primarily in California through special farms and ho gardens. Rapini is available at select supermarkets wholesalers, farmer’s markets.

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Recipe Ideas

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