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10 Health Benefits of Consuming Raw Cacao,

Raw cacao, which is not mistaken with Cacao fruit, is created by cold pressing cacao beans in raw form, ensuring that the nutrients are not lost due to heat treating. Contrary to Cacao fruit, which is roast and extensively processed raw cacao has a excellent nutritional profile, making it a superfood brimming in flavonoids and magnesium.

Cacao is the ideal method to satisfy your desire for chocolate without weighing down your body with sugar processed. Take advantage of the superfood, as there are 10 incredible benefits to eating raw cacao!

1. Combats Fatigue

If you’re feeling particularly tired after a good night’s sleep, there’s the possibility the magnesium levels are low. It is good to know that cacao is a tasty source of magnesium that can greatly boost you energy.

If waking up in the morning isn’t your style and you’re looking for some assistance in your energy levels You can try the Adaptogenic Chocolate Smoothie with Zucchini made featuring three heaping tablespoons of cacao in raw form to boost your energy!

2. Improves mood and balances Mood Swings

Cacao is a source of anandamide often known as the bliss molecule. It connects to the receptors for cannabinoid in the brain , resulting in an overall feeling of calm and joy. Consuming cacao will not only boost your wellbeing and overall health, it can also help combat mood swings by increasing serotonin levels in the brain.

If you’re feeling down or your emotions are raging You can try the Pure Truffle for an emotional boost!

3. Makes your Skin Glow

Cacao is a fantastic ingredient for glowing healthy skin since it’s a rich source of flavonoids which help increase circulation of blood to skin’s surfaces. The increased flow of blood can stimulate cell renewal, which is essential to have radiant skin. Make yourself a pampering session if your skin seems tired, try an homemade Pure Cacao Facial Mask that is super antioxidant and delicious chocolatey treats like this healthy Snickers bar that is a copycat of the original.

4. Reduces the Risk of Premature Aging Not only does the consumption of cacao in raw form enhance the appearance for your skin it also helps help to prevent premature wrinkles. This is because of antioxidants present in cacao, which shield these cells from deterioration and make your skin appear youthful and healthy longer!

5. The product fights tooth Decay

Researchers have conducted tests which suggest that a substance found that is found in cacao beans, called theobromine might be more effective in stopping tooth decay and also protecting against teeth decay than fluoride. The reason for this is that these compounds contain antibacterial ingredients. They fight off plaque, and are also successful in at forming a stronger tooth enamel, reducing the chance of tooth decay.

Instead of inhaling harmful fluoride, you can nibble at cacao nibs to maintain strong and well-maintained teeth.

6. Improves Digestion

A rich source of in dietary fibrous and magnesium. Eating cacao in raw form every day will help to prevent constipation and in general, improve your digestion.

Try this Super Quick Chocolate porridge packed with nutrients and fiber that will dramatically improve digestion.

7. Soothes the Coughing Fits

Recent UK study conducted in collaboration with the British Lung Foundation found that the theobromine that is found in cacao beans was efficient in treating coughs that persist. It has been suggested that theobromine works in the vagus nerve that is that is the cause of coughing fits and it may be more effective than codeine.

Before you reach for an ounce of cough syrup the next time you’re feeling down, you can try the drink or two of Hot Chocolate made using cacao that is rich in nutrients and check whether it works!

8. Enhances Cognitive Function

Flavanols are absorbed into the bloodstream after eating cacao, and build up within the hippocampus, the area that is responsible for memory and learning. Flavanols are then used to create new neurons as well as improving their function and preventing their destruction by free radicals, thereby increasing cognitive capabilities.

Let your brain be spoiled by eating the Brazil Nut Fudge for a boost in cognitive capacity before taking a big exam for work!

9. Reduces the risk of Cardiovascular Disease

A high level of cholesterol can increase the likelihood for developing coronary disease however, cacao’s raw form can reduce LDL (also known as bad cholesterol) and increase HDL which is which is the healthy cholesterol. It is because of the large amount of antioxidants in cacao that can protect Lipoproteins from oxidizing or reacting with free radicals.

If you want a healthy treat that you’ll feel confident about what you eat and enjoy the raw Superfood Chocolate, pictured above.

10. A healthy source of fats

Contrary to what many weight loss programs might be suggesting, you must include nutritious oily fats included in your food to trigger the chemical reactions that are responsible for immune growth, growth, and a healthy metabolism. In its purest form, cacao is made from cacao beans that have not been processed. is a fantastic supply of nutritious fats.

You can get your daily supply of nutritious fats with these delicious chewy caramel fudge brownies like the one above and these raw German chocolate cake with three layers.

To find more cacao recipes, we suggest downloading the Food Monster App, which is available for Android as well as iPhone and is also located on Instagram as well as Facebook. The app offers more than 10,000 vegan, plant-based recipes. Users also gain access to fresh recipes every day. Go through it!

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